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Squatting and Loathing in Joburg

However, anyone involved in social justice issues knows that just because the private capital is not allowed to do something does not mean they are not doing it. People are evicted- illegally- all the time and it is destroying lives.

Jesus was a Syrian Refugee

The irony, of course, of Christians lustfully joining the effort to deny safehaven to Syrian refugees fleeing the violence of their homeland is that Jesus was a Syrian refugee fleeing the violence of his homeland.

Campus Protests Get Rid of President, but not Racism

An impressive protest by Black students at the University of Missouri against the administration's lack of response against racism on campus, succeeded in the removal of two university officials, but failed miserably at putting a dent in actual racism that remains prevalent on campus.

6 Points About the Freddie Gray Murder Indictment

By Max Rameau. On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray was jumped by six Baltimore cops for staring at one of them. Less than an hour later, after a ride in the paddy wagon, Freddie's spine was 80% severed and his voicebox crushed. On May 1, 2015, District Attorney Marilyn Mosby indicted all six cops, some even charged with murder or manslaughter. 5 things you need to know: 

Necessary but Insufficient- Principle Reduction and the Foreclosure Crisis

There is an overwhelming consensus right now that we face a severe market failure with regard to housing. One industry expert recently testified before Congress that, unless something is done about it, 8 to 10 million more homeowners will lose their homes to foreclosure(1). That is 1 in 5 owners with an outstanding mortgage, and in addition to the 8 million owners who have already lost their homes to foreclosure since 2007.

As community organizations, the Occupy movement and the general public begin to refocus their attention towards this crisis, “fixing” the market through mortgage principal reductions is one proposal for stemming the tide of foreclosures that has been gaining some political traction. Even the 50 Attorneys General included a form of this demand in talks to settle the lawsuits filed against the Wall Street banks accused of robo-signing documents and other financial shenanigans. The theory is that by allowing for cuts in mortgage balances – debt relief – homeowners will pay less monthly, which will result in fewer foreclosures.

Gentrification is Dead: A Proposition


The modern era of gentrification, starting approximately in mid 2002 and ending abruptly towards the end of 2007, is possibly the most extreme- and brutal- since the term was coined in England in the late 1800s. In June 2005, The Economist magazine, widely regarded as the world's most respected financial periodical, argued, with documentation, that never in history have home prices rose so high, for so long and across so many countries, bestowing upon the “housing boom” a more appropriate moniker: "the biggest bubble in history." A significant and integral component of that bubble was speculative gentrification.

The social justice movement in the United States proved woefully ill prepared to counter what became a national crisis with devastating impacts on the local communities the movement serves. Consequently, many organizations and activists entered the gentrification game well in the fourth quarter, down by too many points to compel meaningful compromises from the forces of capital dictating and profiteering from gentrification.