A Star is on its Way to Smash into Our Solar System

Jan 23, 2016

A herd of comments will be heading towards our solar system in about 1.35 million years as a star brushes closely by. The star is called Gliese 710, which is about half the size of our Sun, and it is currently 64 light-years from Earth. 

Gliese 710 will trigger an observable cometary shower with a mean density of approximately ten comets per year, lasting for three to four million years. 

We are not sure what repercussions these commets may have in store for us. For any humans still around, they may notice another comet or two, although Jupiter normally does a good job of sweeping them up. This is not the only star that may be headed our way and if one comes within our lifetime, hopefully we would have implemented a way to deflect them.