10 Astonishing Space Images of 2015

Jan 1, 2016

Astonishing Space Image

2015 has been a pretty awesome year for space exploration. 


 1. Scott Kelly tweets from the International Space Station

 Kelly uploads a new picture once a day. Follow on twitter! 


2. Saturn, her rings and tethys

With a simple monochrome effect, it shows the rings of Saturn sitting behind Tethys, one of Saturn’s moons.


3. "Bloodstains" on Saturn's moon

The image is made from numerous clear, green, infrared, and ultraviolet spectral filtered images to bring out subtle color wavelengths the human eye can’t normally see.


4. Flowing water on mars

Mars once had flowing water – suggesting the Red Planet had the ability to harbor life. The streaks trailing down those mountains appear to detail the path in which salty liquid water used to flow like Martian rapids.


5. Rosetta captures a comet gas outburst

Rosetta is the first spacecraft to orbit a comet, as well as the first spaceship to travel alongside a comet as it travelled in the direction of the Sun.  


6. Blue Origin and the age of private enterprise in space


7. Hubble and the "butterfly" nebula

The motion of these two stars endow it with this rather beautiful butterfly-esque effect.


8. Psychedelic Pluto

Although this is a particularly funky image of this dwarf planet, false colors have been added to highlight differences in the soil composition.


9. The 1.5 billion pixel image of the Andromeda Galaxy


10. Time-lapse of the Sun

Overall, the project has captured more than 2,600 terabytes of data and 200 million images of the Sun in an attempt to better understand the Solar-Earth relationship.