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Ferguson police chief announces no indictment

Sep 25, 2014


In a new video produced by a communications firm, Ferguson, Misery police chief Thomas Jackson looked deep into the camera and let the black community know that the cop who killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown will not be indicted.

Deeply couched in an apology, Jackson, who was roundly criticized for his handling of the shooting, response to protesters, releasing video allegedly of Michael Brown in an altercation with a local store owner and just being a jerk, tried to look human, by wearing civilian clothes, in order to deliver the news that no cops will be punished either for killing Mike Brown or beating protesters.

Jackson apologized for the some of the most egregious acts- like leaving Brown's body on the ground for four hours in what looked like an attempt to intimidate local residents, as part of the ongoing effort to soften up the community before hitting them with the "no indictments" announcement. Even though Jackson's apology did seem heart-felt, it was not followed with statements that correspond with actual sorrow, such as "I am resigning" or "there will be a real investigation and guilty parties will be arrested."

After a series of questionable actions, like the prosecutor refusing to present a case for indictment, the grand jury investigating Brown's death was given until the dead of winter to deliver a decision, granting the city both a longer cooling off period and ensuring that any protests against the decision would take place in arctic temperatures.

To sum up this news story: the pink shirt and appearance of sincerity, without any actions corresponding with sincerity, means Mike Brown's killer will not be indicted. And those in power already know this.