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Deputy body slams female high school student in class

Oct 27, 2015

In a video that should be shocking but is becoming routine, Deputy Barney Fife Ben Fields is caught on a cell phone video body slamming a female high school student who 'refused' to leave the class. The assault took place at Spring Valley high school in South Carolina and the Deputy belongs to the Richland County police department.

After the girl refused to leave the class, a 'resource officer' was called to evict her. After standing over her for a bit, he lifts her from her seat and flips it, bodyslamming her into the ground in the process. Fields then non-chalantly drags her across the floor as the students look terrified and the teacher watches without objecting. 

It probably does not need to be said that she is Black and the cop is white.

The video merges to growing campaigns: Let Kids Be Kids by Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) focuses on the school-to-prison pipeline in general and the use of police to deal with behavior, or alleged behavior, issues at school. And Freedom, Inc. of Madison, WI has launched #HandsOffBlackWomen to bring attention to state violence against Black women.

While the call to have Deputy Fields fired is growing, the response is knee jerk and contributes to the idea that if we could only get rid of a few bad apples, everything would be well. The two organizations are calling for something deeper with a four-pronged demand:

- arrest Deputy Fields and charge him with assault;

- fire the teacher for not protecting his student from assault;

- stop using police to solve behavioral issues; and

- community control over police.

Sign the petiton below...