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College football player caught in drug deal, with 112 grams of weed and cash. Not arrested. Happens to be white.

Oct 15, 2014


Did you hear about the Dallas Cowboy arrested for stealing cologne and underwear? What about any of the other stories about athletes gone wild? Bet you didn't hear about this one.

Kurt Freitag, tight end at University of Alabama, was caught with 112 grams of weed and over $4,600 in cash in his dorm room. He was not arrested. And, in a total coincidence and a part completely irrelevant to the story, Freitag is white.

According to reports, the West Alabama Narcotics Task Force was "tipped off" about Freitag and, consequently, began surveilling him. During the surveillance, the police witnessed a drug deal "involving" Freitag. For the record, in Alabama, it is illegal to either buy or sell drugs. After witnessing the on campus drug deal, instead of arresting him, the police "confront" Freitag and ask his permission to search his dorm, which Freitag grants, and the rest is forfeiture history.

But, it's not all bad news for the sophmore Crimson Tide player: he was not arrested. He was also not kicked off the football team.

Also unsurpristing was the total lack of news- only a few outlets reported a 'just the facts' version of the story without the grandstanding about athletes and role models or connecting this crime to others- and the lack of outrage on social media. Social media has gone wild on stories about athletes gone bad, but mainly when those athletes are black. To all those harsh critics of athletes who say race doesn't matter, the obvious question is: why didn't you post about this one?

Read the police report below:

Kurt Freitag