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5 protesters shot by white supremacist terrorists

Nov 24, 2015

White supremacist terrorists shot into a crowd of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis protesters, hitting 5. Police respond to the scene in riot gear and immediately pepper spray protesters, allowing the white supremacist terrorist to escape.


During another night of protests in front of the 4th Precinct police station on the north side of Minneapolis, white supremacist terrorists descended upon the protest, this time shooting into the crowd hitting five members of Black Lives Matter Minneapolis (BLM-MN). Police respond to the scene in riot gear and immediately pepper spray protesters, allowing the white supremacist terrorist to escape.

BLM-MN began the protests after the November 15 execution style killing of 24 year old unarmed Black man Jamar Clark. After Minneapolis police responded to a domestic disturbance call, multiple eye witnesses say police handcuffed Clark and shot him, execution style. The police accused of murdering Clark claim he was not cuffed and was fighting them.

Beyond the normal burden of multiple Black witnesses making claims against police, the entire incident appears to have been captured on police dashcam video, but instead of clearing up the matter by releasing the video, which was paid for with public dollars, the police are hiding the evidence instead. In response BLM-MN began a series of protests which culminated in a literal camp out in front of the 4th Precinct station until the video tapes are released.

During the encampment, protesters faced tremendous challenges, including the inclimate Minnesota weather, a police raid of the encampment and regular harassment from local white supremacists opposed to puiblic displays of support for Black causes.

On the night of Monday, November 23rd, three white supremacists showed up in ski masks harassing protesters. As a group of BLM-MN members chased them out, the white supremacists turned and fired into the crowd hitting five, two of whom had to be hospitalized. Police arrived on the scene in riot gear and pepper sprayed BLM-MN members, allowing the shooters to flee.

While the acts are textbook examples of terrorism, media outlets have refrained from using the term.

Below is a petition calling for white allies to stand up and for the United Nations and Organization of American States to intervene, as well as images and video.